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The Atlantean Sword

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The Atlantean Sword

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Hand-forged from 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC for strength, this sword has been expertly reproduced by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts®, as an exact replica of the sword used on screen. From the intricate details on the guard and pommel to the deep runes on the powerful blade, this is truly a masterful reproduction. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Can be sharpened for an additional fee.
  • Overall: 38-7/8"
  • Blade: 28-1/8"
  • Wt: 8 lbs

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1. Anonymous User on 7/28/2014, said:

I'm not sure why all the comments of how awkward and heavy this blade is? It doesn't feel like 8 pounds and seems perfect. I grew up favoring shorter, heavier broadswords like this one. I guess I could see how in a large battle this may get tiring to swing but in a one on one fight the power behind the swing of this sword would be unblockable and I have no problem at all moving this sword quickly using it's momentum to recover from a swing. I did deduct one star because it has a slight rattle but the detailing on the handle, hilt and the beautiful blade are something to behold. I havnt taken it apart so I can't say for sure if it is battle ready but the blade certainly is. I've heard rumors the pommel is just pressed on which would be a real let down but not one that would be impossible to fix. I should also add the runes on the blade while not deeply etched are etched and it not just a sticker as some reviews have written. Not a bad sword at all for the price.
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2. Dustin on 12/31/2013, said:

I got mine as a gift and could not be happier with it, it came so sharp it can shave you, feels incredibly solid ,the mirror like polish is perfect. I have already done some light cutting, 3 Inch tatami mats, and a few 4 gallon water jugs, She cut through them like hot butter! Its clear that whatever flaws these had in the beginning have been dealt with. The only singular complaint I have is that it has no scabbard or sheath, and finding one to fit has been challenging. Great job Windlass! You have my vote, and my business.
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3. gary on 12/27/2013, said:

Good sword except for the steel guard and pommel being cheaply bronzed.
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4. chad on 11/15/2013, said:

no complaints here...shipping was fast,sword is solid...i also read all reviews on the internet and i must say,this sword is worth every penny...the fathers sword and valeria's sword is next on my list...dont listen to what some people say on the net,museum replica's windlass atlantean sword rocks,im very satisfied...
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5. John on 6/23/2013, said:

I have to admit, I had real reservations about purchasing this sword. I had been reading reviews on blogs and forums since Windlass first came out with the Conan swords, and most reviews were not good. I had seen pictures posted on the reviews and the hardware looked just like the cheap Chinese knock offs you see on Ebay. However, I decided to get it with full intenton of tearing it down, stripping the hardware and re-antiquing it. When I opened the box, I was very pleasantly suprised. It is obvious that Windlass heard the outcrys of the sword community and had made serious changes. The hardware looked MUCH better, as well as the antiquing job. Now, I have no intention of taking it apart. I'll leave it as is. The only two things I wish were different, and my reason for four stars, is I wish the ruins on the bladed wre deeper, and the hardware were not so glossy. But, this is deffinitely worth the money. Two thumbs up.
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6. Johnathan on 5/23/2013, said:

For me, this is THE sword. Conan the Barbarian is what got me interested in swords. So it is with an extra critical eye that I examined this piece. I found no features of the sword to be disappointing. The fittings are solid and the blade is flexible without being floppy. The sword is heavy, heavier than I imagined it would be, but I wasn't looking for a sword of historical proportions. I was looking for Conan's sword and that's what I got.
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7. Daniel on 5/3/2013, said:

This sword is awesome! Thoroughly impressed. Getting the Father sword next!
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8. Steven on 4/27/2013, said:

Received my Atlantean this week. I can hardly express the degree of anticipation that preceeded the arrival of that long cardboard box! As to the sword herself, what can I say? I've waited to hold this piece of cinematic beauty for more than 30 years... I was not disappointed! Surprised, yes; disappointed, no! She is a BEAST! A beutiful beast, but a beast none the less. Far and away too heavy to be a practical battle weapon, she still is a delight to handle for the fun of it. Light cutting was a workout because of her sheer mass, but she cuts well and has an edge that I could shave with. Everything was tight and the few cosmetic imperfections were enough to let me know she was hand crafted, but no where near enough to detract from her awesome presence and beauty. Thank you Windlass!
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9. Museum Replicas Team on 1/29/2013, said:

Julian - we want to thank you for taking the time to let us know that the sword did not meet your expectations and why. We are very disappointed that you had such a poor experience, this is not ours or the manufacturers norm. Quality and value have always been hallmarks for our lines and although there are some limitations when working on licensed products you should still get our best effort and a good product you can be proud of. We are in the process of addressing this incident.
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10. Julian on 1/29/2013, said:

Pre-ordered this sword through a local supplier, Global Gear, back in June- and was promised the order late July, but "problems with the supplier" had the order pushed back until 2013 and I received the sword two days ago, 5 and a half months later. The sword I received is substandard from what I'm used to receiving from a Windlass sword. Upon unboxing the first thing I noticed was the blade rattled rather violently inside the blade collar/grip, and that the entire sword flexed at the point where the hilt meets the crossguard. And I mean -flexed-. I'm not talking a minor movement, I'm talking the entire blade/handle being able to tilt about 5 degrees from each other. The whole mounting overall feels too loose and poorly fitted to ever actually want to swing the sword at anything if I were silly enough to do so. I was a little disappointed by the "Deep Runes" actually appearing to be some kind of paint-etched sticker on the blade, but for the price we're paying for this sword, I can't really say I could expect anything more elaborate. As Sara also said, the antiquing in areas literally just rubbed away while cleaning the grease off. The final gripe (Which is more Global Gears than Museum Replica's fault) is that they specified the item I was ordering was the sharpened version, and I've been sent a blade duller than my wit. There is no evidence it ever had an edge at all, so somebody has ordered/supplied the wrong blade, though in a way I suppose I should be thankful, for I feel the Rat-tail tang would snap if I were stupid enough to swing this thing. Overall, this sword makes a good looking wall-hanger, but thats it, which honestly makes me wonder why we paid money for a Carbon blade in the first place. Museum Replicas and Windlass, I know we're not paying top dollar for this item, but when I buy a blade that has been "expertly reproduced by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts®" I expect to be buying a Windlass quality blade. Not this. This is shameful. What I've bought is a $100 sword with $220 of licensing attached to it.
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