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Sword of the Thirty Years War

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Sword of the Thirty Years War

Sword of the Thirty Years WarSword of the Thirty Years WarSword of the Thirty Years WarSword of the Thirty Years War

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Brutally fought from 1618-1648, the destructive Thirty Years War included most of the countries of Europe at one point or another. Although fought on many fronts, its strongest action was seen in what is now Germany. This wickedly fast sword dating from the period would have seen action on the battle field and on the side of nobles as a sign of wealth and importance. Features a blackened, all metal, intricate swept hilt with a wood grip covered in genuine ray skin. Hand forged high carbon steel and tempered to a tough spring. Leather scabbard has decorative, metal throat and tip blackened to match the hilt. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
  • Overall: 41-3/4"
  • Blade: 32-3/4" long, 1-7/16 wide, 3/8 thick
  • Wt: 2 lbs/ 8 oz

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When I received my copy of this sword the first thing that I noticed, was one one side of the crossguard sticking through the side of the box. Miraculously the sword was undamaged, when I opened the 3/4 empty box to find a single course of large bubble wrap around it. Clearly, the packaging was woefully inadequate. In addition the fact that one end of the box was neatly sealed with three perfect lines of wet tape, while the other was fully and messily encased in a large number of pieces of same, had me wondering if this wasn't actually a returned and repackaged item that I received. The sword, itself, looked quite good on cursory inspection. I hadn't realized that the ricasso would be exposed when the sword was in the scabbard but, after looking at the published pictures, I should have known this. Not really an issue and if it begins to bother me too much, I'll simply make a new scabbard. The provided scabbard is somewhat thick leather, with no perceptible stiffening of wood or other, and is flexible. The metal capping is rather simple, but nice in its subtlety. Upon closer inspection I found that the "ray skin wrap" on the handle was rather messily attached. There is a seam that makes it appear that it's actually plastic and has been roughly sealed together by melting it. This could well be a messy glue line, but that isn't how it appears. This is bad enough that I will likely wire wrap it in brass or steel. The hilt feels rather securely attached, with no perceptible play to it. The blade is very clean and has a nice distal taper to it, making the sword feel quite well balanced. I do, however, now understand what some reviewers refer to as the "whippy" nature of some Windlass swords. With a few moulinettes I was able to feel the flex in the blade. It can be bent to 10 degrees with virtually no effort and I suspect that if it was ever actually used to thrust against padding or leather, the flex would be significant. It would also likely oscillate quite a great deal when turning a blow. It does, however, return perfectly to shape after significant flex is applied.
Reviewed by Anonymous
9/5/2014 8:02:16 AM