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Painted Dragon Katana

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Painted Dragon Katana

Painted Dragon KatanaPainted Dragon KatanaPainted Dragon KatanaPainted Dragon Katana

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No edged weapon has ever been surrounded with such mystique and tradition. The katana is so closely associated with the samurai that it became known as the “soul of the samurai.” It was both weapon and symbol, forged as a religious act and wielded with superhuman skill. Please note katana is shipped razor sharp. Hand forged 1065 high carbon steel. Real hamon. Genuine ray skin. Solid brass parts and tsuba. Hand carved and painted dragon son saya. Includes certificate of authenticity. Sateen cotton sword bag. Includes cleaning kit. $20.00 additional Shipping & Handling charge with item.
  • Overall 39-1/2"
  • Blade: 28-3/4"

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