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Robin Hood Coin Set

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The earliest references to Robin Hood appear in 13th century English sources. By the 16th century the legend and times of Robin Hood were closely connected to three 13th century medieval historical rulers.  Each ruler made silver coins for trade and commerce in the lands they ruled.

Starting this collection are coins from Richard I, son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Better known as The Lionhearted, Richard's earliest titles included the French titles Duke of Normandy, Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Gascony, Count of Anjou, Count of Nantes and Overlord of Brittany.  Minted as Duke of Acquitaine in western France is a replica 18mm French silver coin reading RICARDVS REX.  Richard I, as Count of Poitou struck a 18mm silver coin that reads RICHARDVS REX.

In 1189 Richard was crowned King of England upon the death of his father Henry II.  The 19mm silver Short Cross coin reads HENRICVS REX.  All of Richard the Lion Heart's struck in England bore the name of his father, Henry II. 

From 1190-1194 John, Richard's younger brother ruled England while Richard was overseas. After his brother's death in 1199, John ruled England until his death in 1216.  The silver coin of King John was issued in Ireland.   The coins is called the Sun, Moon and Three Stars type due to the devices on the coin..

Lastly is a silver coin of  Saladin, the first Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt and Syria.  He led Islamic opposition to the European Crusaders in the Middle East. The Saladin coin is a 21mm silver dirham.  This was struck in Aleppo, Syria between 1184 and 1185.  
  • Set includes 5 replica "silver" coins minted from originals

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There's a lot of history in this set. The first two coins were struck in regions of France ruled by the Plantagenet King Richard I. The third and fourth coins were struck in the British Isles by the Richard and his half-brother John. The last coin is of Saladin, the military leader who fought against Richard in the Crusaders in Jerusalem. This set is a mini-history lesson!
Reviewed by Warren  S
10/26/2010 12:00:00 AM