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Viking Coins of Ireland & Europe

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Viking Coins of Ireland & Europe

Viking Coins of Ireland & EuropeViking Coins of Ireland & Europe
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In 793 AD, the Danes, Norwegians and Swedes began 295 years of seaborne exploration, war, commerce, trade & piracy.  This was the Viking Age. This set of 5 coins includes replica silver pennies; one minted by Sihtric Anlafsson, one minted in Dublin with a Hiberno-Norse long cross, a silver penny of Lund, a silver Sigtuna penny of Olaf and a Norwegian penny of Hardrada.  Made in the USA, these high quality coins are great for collectors as well as re-enactors and LARP enthusiasts.
  • Set includes 5 replica "silver" pennies

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    The European Vikings fought and traded throughout the known world. They fought for Constanople and in the early Crusades. Large hoards of silver arabic coins have been uncovered in Viking burial sites.
    Reviewed by Warren  S
    8/20/2010 12:00:00 AM