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Men and Women's Medieval & Renaissance Jewelry

  We offer a full range of men and women's jewelry. From the elegant necklaces of the Renaissance to the rugged wolves’ teeth of earlier times, our authentic pieces are the perfect compliment for costumes as well as every day wear.

  • Chains of Office & Livery Collars
    Chains of office, also known as livery collars, were worn in the middle ages to reflect status and accomplishment.  Often a badge would hang from the metal chain denoting allegiances.
  • Mail Armor Coif, Hero's Mail
    Pendants & Necklaces
    MuseumReplicas.com carries stunning necklaces and pendants to accent your costume.
  • Mail Armor Coif, Plated Brass
    Earrings & Ear Cuffs
    From simple Celtic ear cuffs to our elaborate jeweled earrings, MuseumReplicas.com carries a dazzling assortment of ear jewelry.
  • Mail Armor Shirt, Blackened
    MuseumReplicas.com carries rings that are sure to please any fantasy fan.
  • Mail Armor Shirt
    MuseumReplicas.com carries lovely bracelets to adorn your wrist.
  • Mail Armor Coif, Riveted Steel
    Tiaras & Crowns
    The crowning piece of any royal garb, our tiaras and crowns will top of your ensemble with style and grace.
  • Black Knightly Belt
  • Mail Armor Coif, Riveted Aluminum
    Brooches, Buckles & Cuff Links
    From warriors and pirates to wizards and princesses, MuseumReplicas.com carries accessories to adorn your outfit.