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Home Decor and Accessories

  We carry a vast assortment of quality goods for your house.  From the desktop to the kitchen, these pieces will bring a little bit of the Faire to your home. We also have display stands and products to care for your treasured purchases. Great for gifts or yourself, Museum Replicas is sure to have that "just right" piece!
  • Books & DVD's
    Books & DVD's
      MuseumReplicas.com carries the perfect book or DVD for history lovers, collectors and swordsmen.
  • Display & Care
    Display & Care
     Show off your investments with our display stands.  These treasures will shine when treated with quality products designed for use on our line of weapons and armor.
  • Feastware
    Our beautiful goblets and chalices are the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  Many are made from easy to care for lead free English pewter. We also carry feastware for those on the go; great for your next outing to the faire!
  • Home Office & Desktop
    Home Office & Desktop
     Let your personal work space reflect who you really are; we carry a large assortment of quality gifts and accessories for the office.
  • Home Décor
    Home Décor
    Your castle deserves to be decorated in style. MuseumReplicas.com carries medieval and renaissance themed accents for the home.
  • Dungeon Wares
    Dungeon Wares
    For all of those violators of the Realm.  You'll find your leg irons, cuffs, neck rings, dungeon keys, locks and such to keep the peace.
  • Flags
    Whether carried into battle or flown on your porch, our flags will fly high.
  • Statues & Sculptures
    Statues & Sculptures
    Statues and sculptures make great conversation pieces for your home.
  • Replica Coins
    Replica Coins
    MuseumReplicas.com carries replica coins for teachers, collectors and children.  They are great for that "finishing touch" for your costume as well.