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Women's Historical Clothing, Costumes & Accessories

  Museum Replicas carries a full line of high quality costumes, jewelry, shoes and accessories for women.  Spanning the Dark Ages to times of Pirates ruling the seven seas and even the Victorian era, our clothes are authentic and comfortable.  Made with high quality fabrics, we pay attention to every detail, from the beautiful buttons to the hand stitched trim. You will be sure to turn heads when wearing our authentic clothing!
  • Dresses & Gowns
    Dresses & Gowns
    MuseumReplicas.com pays close attention to the details in our exquisite line of dresses and gowns. Even the simple designs for the maiden and peasant feature brass grommets and re-enforced boning. Gowns include bonuses such as artificial pearls, hand sewn beads, lace and jeweled accents, all enriching our beautiful rich velvet and brocade fabrics.
  • Blouses, Chemises & Under Garments
    Blouses, Chemises & Under Garments
    We outfit m'lady completely with our under garments, chemises and blouses.  Our rigid, shaped farthingale will fill out your gown, while the bum roll adds that authentic look to your Elizabethan or Tudor attire. Our selection of classic chemises are the perfect accent under dresses.
  • Bodices, Corsets & Vests
    Bodices, Corsets & Vests
    Designed to wear over the chemise or blouse, our bodices, corsets and vests are made with quality leathers and fabrics. Re-enforced grommets and heavy duty lacing insure a secure fit.
  • Skirts & Pants
    Skirts & Pants
    For a different, yet authentic look we carry ladies skirts and pants.  Generously cut, we use beautiful fabrics for a comfortable fit.
  • Womens Capes, Robes & Coats
    Womens Capes, Robes & Coats
    Not to be overlooked, outerwear can be worn alone or with your costume. Our velvet and faux fur capes and robes will be sure to turn heads.
  • Womens Footwear
    Womens Footwear
    Whether used to dress up or down your outfit, our comfortable footwear will complete your attire.
  • Womens Headpieces, Crowns & Caps
    Womens Headpieces, Crowns & Caps
    We have stunning tiaras fit for any princess.  If you are not of the royal vein, our leather hats will top off your outfit nicely.
  • Womens Accessories
    Womens Accessories
    Our accessories range from hair daggers and belts to masks and leather pouches.