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Men's Historical & Medieval Clothing, Costumes & Accessories

 Mens-medieval-clothing-costumes-accessories Museum Replicas carries a full line of high quality medieval costumes, shoes and accessories for men.  Spanning the Roman times to the late Renaissance and even the Victorian era, our authentic medieval clothing is affordable and comfortable; perfect for re-enactors and faire goers!
  • Shirts
    Both re-enactor and faire-goer alike will find the selection of shirts at MuseumReplicas.com to be some of the most authentic on the market. From simple cottons to rich velvets, our line of period shirts are sure to please every Viking, Knight and Musketeer. We also have styles for perfect for men's Steampunk and Victorian attire.
  • Tunics, Surcoats & Gambesons
    Tunics & Surcoats
    Fair-goers will love the selection of period tunics and surcoats from MuseumReplicas.com. From simple cottons to rich velvets and brocades, our line of period tunics are sure to please every Viking, Knight and Musketeer.
  • Tabards, Brigandines & Gambesons
    Tabards, Brigandines & Gambesons
    A true testimony to a knight was shown in his tabard, brigandine or gambeson. Used for both markings of the field of battle, some also gave protection against an enemy’s strikes. MuseumReplicas.com offers an authentic line of period tunics with ensure your status on the battlefield.
  • Jerkins, Doublets & Vests
    Jerkins, Doublets & Vests
    Gentlemen of the Middle Ages and Renaissance made a bold statement with their upper apparel. MuseumReplicas.com offers a wide array of period jerkins, doublets and vests for various historical periods. Many of these are either quilted or made of fine brocade fabrics.
  • Pants, Tights & Kilts
    Pants, Tights & Kilts
    No matter what period event you may wish to attend, MuseumReplicas.com offers the best selection of historical pants, tights and kilts for your ensemble. All materials from cotton, wools and plaids are used to create our line of period menswear.
  • Mens Capes, Robes & Coats
    Mens Capes, Robes & Coats
    Monks were not the only people to wear robes. Capes, robes and cloaks were both practical for the weather, as well as making a statement. MuseumReplicas.com offers beautiful additions to these over garments.
  • Belts, Baldrics & Frogs
    Belts, Baldrics & Frogs
    Period belts were not used to hold up pants. They were used for carrying your sword as well as a variety of pouches. Baldrics and frogs were another way of easily carrying your sword, which was one of your prized possessions. 
  • Mens Footwear & Gloves
    Mens Footwear & Gloves
    MuseumReplicas.com is one of the best suppliers of historical footwear for men, as well as period gloves and gauntlets. Just about any time period is available from Roman times up and through the Renaissance.
  • Eyewear & Masks
    Eyewear & Masks
    Eyewear & Masks From the grand parades to the royal masquerade balls, our period masks are certain to make you stand out in the crowd. And our exotic steampunk eye wear will enable you to not only complete your Victorian look, but make you the fashion statement of the century.
  • Canes & Umbrellas
    Canes & Umbrellas
    What better way to make your way through the busy market streets of history than with your trusty sword cane or sword umbrella! MuseumReplicas.com offers the only high carbon steel blades, concealed within accurate period canes and stylish umbrellas.
  • Mens Caps, Hats & Crowns
    Mens Caps, Hats & Crowns
    Whether you are Robin Hood or King Richard the Lionheart, men were distinguished throughout history by the cap, hat or crown they wore. And, MuseumReplicas.com has one of the widest selection of historical period headwear on the web.
  • Sporrans & Pouches
    Sporrans & Pouches
    No Scottish kilt is complete without a detailed leather sporran and every period outfit needs a belt pouch for carrying your everyday accessories. MuseumReplicas.com offers the widest selection of historical sporrans and pouches.